Sitting correctly

Active, dynamic sitting

in natural motion

Ergonomics deals among other things with the adaptation of technology and the working environment to everyone that uses chairs for work or play. The aim of ergonomics is to configure the living and working conditions to further our health while working and thus sustain our general performance while taking into account anatomical, physiological, psychological and physical aspects.

Dynamic sitting is considered to be the most natural way to sit and therefore the healthiest. Dynamic sitting means that you change your sitting position as often as possible. Sitting should permit you to move your body very slightly all the time.

conventional sitting behaviour. in the modern world about 80% of the day is spent sitting.  Backrests support the body in a corset sort of way and prevent muscles from remaining active and strong. Conventional office chairs frequently have seat pans that lock your pelvis and provoke a hunchback posture. swopper-revolution  whoever moves more is less often ill and less tired.  Forwards, backwards, sideways and up and down.  The swopper does not only encourage movement, it also supports movement.  Studies confirm that on the swopper you move twice as much as on a conventional seats.  The swopper active seat has revolutionised sitting with three-dimensional flexibility.

Threefold ergonomics = happy and healthy people!

Bringing natural movement into your working environment requires unconventional solutions. The concept of 3D Ergonomics manufactured by aeris in Germany, the company has come farther than any others to provide you with the most innovative products in the world.

With many years of research on movement and active sitting solutions, aeris has invested products that are practical, easy to use and made for us to use in just about any environment. So many of the up to 192 components in each chair come with patented technology that has won aeris multiple awards for innovation, design and function. What does that mean to you? Healthier people that are happier with how they sit every day of their lives!


Adjustable lumbar support

Lumbar support on the 3Dee chair with adjustment flexibility that allows you to find the most comfortable supportive position for your body.

3D movable joint

Exercise your muscles by having the flexibility to move sideways and backwards and forwards. Use the vertical bounce to have some fun while you work! The high-tech joint in the swopper classic, air and saddle as well as the 3Dee Active Office Chair making working FUN and HEALTHY!

Flexzone® technology

Flexible seat plates with multi-zone foam move with your body by adapting your sitting style to avoid any pressure points or bad posture. Making those that perch on the edge of their chairs much more comfortable while keeping your body in an ergonomic position.

Spring strut – swopper and 3Dee

Unique and versatile bouncing movement in the swopper and 3Dee spring strut, developed by aeris with a highly complex 3D mechanism that allows for full body movement while seated.

Muvzone - muvman

Patented technology with 3D movement that moves with your body. Located at the base of the muvman, the Muvzone provides the best ergonomic and ease of use for sit to stand applications.