3Dee® Active Office Chair

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discover 3Dee®

Pioneering technology, uncompromising ergonomics, timeless design – the essence of the new 3Dee®. The core of this innovative office swivel chair is the patented 3D technology which permits natural movement in three dimensions. In addition, the ergonomically formed backrest with patented lumbar technology provides support without restricting freedom of movement. Uncompromisingly good - three times over.



dynamic features 



the most comfortable seat


Special, high-tech cushioning with new, climate-active cover create a feather-soft sitting experience. Five perfectly balanced,  functional layers create a breathable, pressure-relieving and heat-regulating seat

                                                          ultimate back support


The new, lamella-based backrest of the 3Dee® office chair is an ergonomic wonder. When not engaging in the motion seating experience—swaying from side-to-side, rocking back and forward and swinging vertically—the backrest with lumbar support is perfect for conscious relaxation.

This advanced lumbar support can easily be adjusted to match differently sized individuals. Available in black aluminum or polished aluminum.




an optimal sitting position

Muvman®'s 3D joint located close to the ground in the MUVZONE allows for a comfortable, hip-opening, hands-free tilt forward of the Muvman® chair as the user shifts forward. This built-in 4 degree tilt as the user shifts forward, keeps the back in straight, optimal spinal alignment, keeps the chest lifted to enable deep breath and keeps blood circulation stimulated.