Welcome to the official swopper store. We are a group of passionate motion seating experts who work and play at swopper headquarters in Sparks, NV.

Here’s a bit about each of us:

Chas Hepler Swopper CEO

Chas Hepler: President & CEO

Chas…what can we say? His vision for Swopper and all of our motion products is why we are here today. When Chas first sat on Swopper, he immediately understood the need for this product and the whole motion seating philosophy. His vision has been the driving force in bringing the motion seating portfolio of products together under one roof. He is a brand champion and a very active Swopper user. Chas is the chief strategist behind motion seating, and is dedicated to making motion seating products available to everyone. Follow Chas posts on his personal journey to a healthier work life through sitting in motion.

Nora Fenlon Swopper

Nora Fenlon: VP Sales & Marketing

Nora is to swopper what a pen is to paper. She fell in love with swopper over 15 years ago, and has dedicated herself to helping it become main stream ever since. Nora shares her experience overcoming back pain with swopper. As a result of this firsthand experience, she is driven to help educate others on the healthful benefits of motion seating. That’s why she became a certified ergonomist. Nora hails from Ireland originally and now is a proud permanent resident of the US. Follow Nora’s posts for the science behind our products with a dose of her personal experiences with swopper.

Sandra Bowie Swopper

Sandra Bowie: Motion Seating Director

Sandra is the driving force behind awopper whether she is attending a trade show or telling the story behind the products. We look to her for guidance in all things movement. Sandra is passionate about our motion products and even worked directly with Aeris, the German manufacturer for over a year to understand swopper, muvman and 3Dee completely. The knowledge she brings to the table on these chairs is extremely valuable.
Look for Sandra’s posts to explain the ins and outs of motion seating, the benefits for health and wellness, and her perspective as an expert about awopper.

Tom Robinson Swopper

Tom Robinson: Creative Director

If you can think it, Tom will create it! Swopper wouldn’t be what it is without his special touches whether that is an email, infographic or a doctored photo…the creative curb appeal is all Tom! Tom will bring a creative flair to our blog through images, infographics and more.

Jenn Lytle Swopper

Jennifer Lytle: Director of Customer Service & Social Marketing

Jennifer is the social media maven here at Swopper. She oversees the day to day operations of our blog, website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and more. In addition, Jennifer handles our customer service; making sure all our customers are thrilled with their experience with our products.

Jennifer is our problem solver and our go-to person for literally anything – and she does it all with a smile on her face. Jennifer's writing is a perfect mix of her passion for Swopper and her upbeat, funny personality.




The Aeris Philosophy

When you sit on one of our products, you will feel immediately what drives us. But, since you might just not have the pleasure, we will explain to you why we do what we do.

In principle, it is a short story. The human being is made for movement. Children move constantly – if they are allowed to. But this natural, healthy urge to move is lost in the course of school and work. Instead of moving, people are now sitting. Sitting too much. Often more than 11 hours a day. The body rebels against this. With tension, illness and overweight. To make this more bearable, chairs are given more cushioning, wide armrests as well as all sorts of buttons, levers and technical gadgets.

We find this to be not only absurd, but also grossly negligent. Because the cause of the problem is being ignored completely. It is precisely for this reason that we construct 3D active seats. Above all they enable natural movement during the unavoidable sitting in everyday life. And do away with unnecessary bells and whistles. We call this concept3D ErgoDynamics. An aeris invention that does our customers good – and that is paramount for us.

aeris is a family enterprise and we feel connected with each of our customers. We adhere to our concept of "Made in Germany" and are pleased to have been granted many patents for our own developments. We develop the technology and all the components for our products ourselves. This does not exactly maximise the company's material profits - but it does maximise the satisfaction and health of our products' owners. And that is what we strive for. 

The economic success of our products pleases us too, because it permits us to research further into bringing more movement back into people's everyday lives. We are flattered that even renowned competitors are trying to copy our product ideas. Because it just shows that the new direction we have taken is the right one. 

You think we are obsessed? You are right. So make the most of it – it will do you good!

Josef Glöckl
Managing Director
aeris GmbH

Susanna Kindler
Vice President Marketing/Sales &HR
aeris GmbH


The aeris company

Josef Glöckl founded the aeris company in 1996. In 1997 he presented a world innovation to the public: his new three-dimensional seat - the swopper. With this Josef Glöckl had opened up a completely new line of attack against the number one public health concern: backache.

The numerous awards won by the swopper, considered as a revolutionary active seat, and the rising sales led aeris to start up its own production. The 100,000th swopper was sold in 2004 and in 2006 another active-dynamic seat was added to the portfolio: the muvman - the active seat for standing/sitting. Since 2008 children of the age of 4 and above can also enjoy healthy sitting on the swoppster 3D active swivel stool. The most innovative office chair in the world, the3Dee Active Office Chair, joined the aeris active seat programme in autumn 2012. oyo - The Chair that both swings and rocks! aeris are renowned once more for their specialist design expertise - with emphasis on natural motion seating, the oyo carries their philosophy of motion seating further than just into an office or workplace range. oyo is the perfect solution for a contemporary home too, it's suitable for use in the lounge, dining room, an office, in fact many, many places.

The aeris company became one of the TOP 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses in 2007, thus bearing witness to the potential and dynamics of the company whose success has been established and constantly extended through increasing international activities and a steady growth of the portfolio.

The aeris company has about 50 employees and sells its products in almost every country in the world.