Facts About Sitting

Our ancestors left us their back.

It was a matter of survival for our ancestors: only those who could move far and fast caught the stag, defended the cave and gathered enough roots and berries to survive. Running, jumping, bending, stretching, stooping, ducking, squatting and lying – that is what the human body is made for.

But unfortunately not their daily movement routines.

However, in fact, our everyday life with a high sitting factor forces us to change the behavioral patterns designed for us by nature. Our complex musculoskeletal system is permanently under-challenged, many functions of our highly specialized body remain unused, untrained abilities go to waste. Typical civilization diseases are the result – above all damage to the inadequately exercised movement apparatus with its central spine/intervertebral system. Backache has become the most widespread health complaint in America.

Evolution of sitting and posture

From the evolution point of view, we are simply not adapted to this.

Sitting at work is a modern invention. Up to about 200 years ago sitting was a “matter of one’s standing”. Sedentary activities were primarily reserved only for persons of high standing like pharaohs, emperors and kings. The human being moved in the course of work, stood still or squatted. Only about 50 years ago did hours of sitting become part of daily life at work. A development that has taken our backs off guard. From the evolution point of view, we are simply not adapted to this.