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general questions:

1. what makes your motion chairs so different from other office chairs?

our chairs are designed to support and encourage movement in a special way. they are the only ones to include vertical bounce, the movement in the 3rd dimension. made in Germany, the manufacturer aeris has been leading the industry with motion chairs for over a decade.

swopper has completely reinvented sitting at the workplace with our line of motion chairs that utilize the unique concept of 3d ergonomics. the underlying concept of the swopper 3d ergonomics is simple and "natural," the chair follows the movement of the body, the result is natural sitting position, controlled movement up and down combined with posture-optimizing movement sideways, backwards and forwards. swopper chairs support and encourage the intuitive movements of the human being and lead the body back to adopting natural patterns of movement.

2. where can i buy a swopper, muvman or 3Dee active office chair?

right here on our website! offers direct to consumer sales of all three of our motion seating chairs and includes free shipping to the U.S. excluding Alaska & Hawaii (Shipping rates applied at checkout).  

3. do you recommend these chairs for home office use?

absolutely! the swopper can be used at home or in the commercial work environment. a swopper can easily take the place of a traditional task chair if the user is open to working in a different manner…that being one where the user engages core muscle groups and incorporates simple, intuitive motion into their workday even while sitting at a desk. these provide a much healthier way to work. swopper in particular mimics the health and wellness benefits of the physio ball but with a much sturdier and height adjustable base.

4. what's the biggest benefit of using these as opposed to a traditional office chair?

when someone sits in a traditional office chair, they assume a static position/posture. this makes the metabolism slow down which in turn has a variety of negative impacts to one’s health…the so-called “sitting disease” which has been researched and evidence has shown an increase in certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, to name just a few. with swopper (and muvman) there is 3-dimensional motion going on providing numerous benefits. this allows the user to move throughout the day and engage core muscles, increase circulation, increase focus and concentration, improve posture and assists lymphatic flow.

swopper questions:

1. what is the correct sitting position on a swopper?

sit down in the center of the swopper seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor.

your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an open angle between hips and knees. this is good for the circulation. bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight. your diaphragm is freed, and you breathe more deeply. this improves the supply of oxygen to body and head, which enhances your intellectual performance.

if you are using the swopper at work, you just have to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. this automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis. this keeps your back straight. you automatically assume the right sitting position. the spring strut of the swopper takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on conventional office chairs and which leads to hunchback sitting.

2. what is "swopping" good for? 

"swopping" strengthens the back muscles and stimulates nutrition of the intervertebral discs. furthermore, it prevents congestion in your legs, and you feel fit and bouncy all day long. you automatically sit correctly on the swopper and help prevent a backache. when you sit on the swopper with 3d movement at work, you can do something for your health without even noticing it!

3. can I sit all day without a backrest?

yes. think about it this way, can you also run without a backrest? the swopper is designed so that the human being can do what he is built for even when sitting: movement. whenever you move, you do not need a backrest.

the swopper is completely different on conventional chairs. with a conventional office chair, you do need a back support on it because you sit for long periods without moving. however, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position, which causes tension and backache. on the swopper, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion. this trains and strengthens your back muscles in particular.

4. why does the swopper seat feel hard?

if you can feel your ischial tuberosities, this is a sign that you have been sitting for too long without movement. stand up briefly or move your pelvis in different directions. experience shows that after some time you will get used to sitting on the swopper and will no longer notice your ischial tuberosities.

5. is the swopper available with wheels (casters)?

yes! The New 2021 Swopper Active Seat is ideal for all those who want to change over to the healthiest way of sitting in the world and who have short distances to cover at long desks. it provides an even greater range of movement and mobility - at extended desks with several working surfaces, for example, or between desk and PC. at the same time, it encourages you to move yourself more because to roll you have to lighten the load slightly on the seat. all the advantages of the swopper in the fight against a backache and tension are also to be found in full in the rolling swopper. it is available in all the swopper colors, and you can also retrofit a backrest.

6. can i retrofit wheels to my non-wheeled swopper base?

unfortunately, no, as there are some slight design differences between the two bases. to make it work structurally, the wheeled base is slightly bigger in diameter (.5”), and the angle of the base structure is different. keep in mind all non-wheeled swoppers now ship standard with metal and felt glides, so you can change them depending on what type of surface it’s being used on.

7. what is the difference between the swopper and an exercise ball?

the stability balls are great for the gym or home workout environment. they activate all the core muscles and are a great tool for stretching exercises as well. what we‘ve seen more and more of over the years are people who want to incorporate all those great features into their work day by bringing the ball to work and using it behind their desk in place of the standard task chair.

many corporations or health and safety officers no longer allow the physio ball to be used in the office environment due to safety issues. it’s one thing to roll around on it in the gym but a bit different when at a desk or within an area with other employees. i can’t tell you how many stories i’ve heard of someone losing balance and rolling off it or having it pop from rolling over something sharp on the floor.

from an ergonomic stand point, the ball will not get the user to the proper working height at a desk which will then have the user in awkward positions to do their tasks at hand.

obviously, people realize that the ball isn’t so great for the work environment, and we now have the “ball on a wheeled base frame.” the problem with that as a solution is now you’ve taken away all the lateral and forward/backward motion and left little regarding motion capabilities except for a slight “bounce” effect and the ability to roll around with wheels. due to the cost and quality of these, they can be classified as an “easily disposable” product.

this is where swopper comes into play!

  • §  swopper gives you the same 3 dimensional type of motion but with a sturdy, stable base(with or without wheels), built for demanding environments. it also has 3 adjustments to easily “fit” it to the user.
  • §  pneumatic lift – for height adjustment. this allows the user to work comfortably at their desk and also change their position easily depending on the task (typing, conferencing, phone calls, etc.). it allows the user to better open up the hip/spine angle which increases circulation, promotes better posture all while providing core strength stabilization.
  • §  lateral tension control – this adjustment allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of tension they want for the lateral and frontward/backward motion. their physical condition will lead them on what feels the most comfortable for them.
  • §  vertical bounce control – the tension can also be adjusted for the vertical bounce motion. again, depending on how much or how little motion one wants to incorporate into their “swopping” experience.

all these adjustments and the fact that swopper comes in a comfortable fabric material and has award winning designs make it a super fun product to use all the while providing great health and wellness benefits.

8. how long is the guarantee on my swopper?

five full years. if there are any complaints during this time, we will repair or replace your swopper free of charge as long as there is no third party negligence. warranty only applies to the original purchaser, the sticker underneath the seat of the swopper is your warranty &emdash; do not throw this away.

muvman questions:

1. what is the difference between a height adjustable chair and the muvman?

standard standing/sitting seats are often a compromise solution. they do permit ergonomically favorable higher sitting, but are limited in their functions: many wobble and tilt, some only work at one height, others force you to sit at an uncomfortable distance from the working surface and provoke a hunchback posture.

the muvman practically redefines sitting/standing at variable heights. it is not a conventional standing/sitting seat, but a variable seat. it is optimal for ergonomically perfect sitting at height-adjustable desks, high desks, reception desks, counters, information desks, etc.

2. where do you use the muvman?

everywhere where variable height sitting is required - at height-adjustable desks, high desks, raised working surfaces, counters, tills and reception desks, but also, for kitchen work, ironing and playing music. the muvman covers all sitting heights between 20 inches and 33 inches and between 23 inches and 36 inches.

3. why is the spring strut on the muvman tilted forward?

the spring strut of the muvman, with its 4° forward tilt, is designed to make you sit up straight automatically so that your spine retains its natural s shape while moving freely over the pelvis. this allows you to sit healthily at any height without having to round your back.

the reason: the higher you sit, the more your weight is transferred via your legs to the floor. through a backward force factor that occurs, you sit leaning slightly backward when the seat is higher. to compensate this, you automatically assume a kyphotic or hunchback posture. because the spring strut of the muvman is tilted slightly forward, the backward force factor is already compensated and prevents the hunchback posture.

4. what is the maximum height of the muvman?

you can quickly and easily adjust your standard muvman sitting height to anywhere between 20 - 33". for taller users, we also offer the muvman tall, which adjusts to 23.5 - 35".


3Dee Active Office Chair questions:

1. which motion chair is better for me? the swopper or 3Dee?

both products provide unrestricted 3d active sitting – but are optimized for different types of people. if you want to have a maximum of movement when sitting, then the swopper is probably best for you. the swopper gives you 360° of freedom of movement plus 3d ergonomics.

the 3Dee is perfect for those who want to move significantly more than before and sit as naturally as possible, but for whom it is important to keep the appearance of an office chair and make full use of the innovative backrest with lumbar support. the 3Dee gives you 3d ergonomics plus innovative backrest technology.

2. what is the difference between 3Dee and other standard office chairs?

the type and range of movement is unique. the 3Dee is the most innovative office chair in the world with 3d movement. it provides free, natural movement in stark contrast to the other office chairs with their fixed, often linear or two-dimensional capacity for movement. it provides movement up and down, far-reaching sideways movement and natural tilting. the 3d technology provides more than twice as much freedom of movement than conventional office chairs.

3. why does the 3Dee have no arm rests?

Armrests restrict the natural movement which we explicitly want to encourage. they are also not needed on the 3Dee to help when sitting down and standing up because the spring of the seat does that "automatically."