Limited Edition Swopper Active Seat

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Product Description


Shop our pre-sale of the new limited edition Swoppers and get a unique combination of colors and fabrics. Featuring synthetic leather and microfiber, these Swoppers come in spring, base and seat combinations we do not normally carry. Be one of the few to get these exclusive limited edition Swoppers before inventory is gone. We expect these new Swoppers to ship out before the end of February 2021.



Motion Chair

This chair is designed to adapt to a variety of work environments.  The Swopper includes easy height adjustment for maximum convenience.  Use with standard desks, assembled in the USA, featuring New Zealand Wool.  What Swopper® delivers in ergonomics and long-term back health it matches in fun. Swopper® delivers a sitting experience unlike any other. Its convex seat is comfortable. Its smooth mechanisms hidden beneath its sleek framework encourage combinations of vertical bouncing, side-to-side swaying, 360 degree rotation to the left of right, forward and backward tilt. It can also be held perfectly still by simply sitting still.




Flexible Sideways Movement:

The Swopper designed by Henner Jahns has revolutionized the office chair market with it's innovative, patented 3D technology which permits movement and change of posture in all directions. Swopper delivers a wide sideways reach that increases the radius of action and encourages natural posture simultaneously.  Designed to easily shift positions, Swopper activates blood circulation which in turn promotes better concentrations.  keep your circulation moving, strengthen your back and get fit while you sit. 






A Healthy Sit

Your spine has "shock absorbers" called intervertebral discs (IVDs). These IVDs have an avascular nature, which means no blood is being supplied directly to them. For this reason, the spinal disks do not heal well, if at all according to research. The only way that these disks receive the proper support to strengthen and maintain their optimal health is through low-impact, gentle, stimulating movements that support spinal strength and lasting health. 

Enter Swopper®. The Swopper® active motion chair encourages fun, gentle, spinal stimulating movements through its spring tension (bounce) and 360 degree rotation (sway). When you're bouncing on a Swopper®, your spine is actually dynamically loading and off-loading on the IVDs, taking nutrients in and pushing waste out.


An Ergonomic Sit

Swopper®'s 3D joint located close to the ground allows for a comfortable, hip-opening, hands-free tilt forward of the Swopper® chair as the user shifts forward. This built-in 15 degree lateral motion adjustment keeps the back in straight, optimal spinal alignment, keeps the chest lifted to enable deep breath and keeps blood circulation stimulated as the sitter shifts forward.

The height range of a custom Swopper is 22 - 27.5” without casters and 22.5 - 28” with casters, which keeps you at the perfect ergonomic height to reach your desk comfortably.



A Grounded Sit 

The Swopper® has a unique mechanism housed in its sturdy base. It works in harmony with the seat to give the user 360 degrees and more of freedom of movement. Sit, perch, bounce and sway. Swopper® supports and encourages frequent movement and changes in sitting position. Swopper® keeps you fit, ensures freer, deeper breathing and continuously strengthens your back and muscles.