Swopper Review on Ask Men

Ask Men reviewed a swopper chair and said "You’ll immediately notice the genius suspension, almost making you feel weightless, and will bounce you right back up." The columnist also noted the sheer fun he had using the chair saying, "It’s fun. So much fun in fact, that the whole office decides to show up in your tiny cubicle to try it out, one by one. And the reaction is pretty much always the same. A look of delight on their face, with raised eyebrows, and an audible oh!" Read the full review here. 


Swopper Featured in Washington Post 

A Washington Post columnist tried the Swopper chair for an article about the dangers of sitting. The writer stated, "This one suited me perfectly. The seat rests on a giant spring that allows you to bounce in a motion that stretches and soothes the back, and it tilts backward and forward, allowing lots of rocking and swaying without putting pressure on my testy leg." Read the full article. 

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Swopper Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Read the latest article from Swopper ambassador, Jay Cardiello, in Entrepreneur Magazine, titled "Don't Let Too Much Sitting at Your Desk Harm Your Health." In the article, Jay outlines the benefits of sitting on a Swopper. Read More

Swopper Review  

Swopper Review on Mommyhood Chronicles Blog

"While exercise is extremely important, it does not reverse the harmful effects of too much sitting. That is where the Swopper comes in! The Swopper is a revolutionary and brand new product that challenges consumers to rethink how they do their office job work. With the Swopper, I can sit and move at the same time on one of the most cushiony seats I have ever encountered." Read More

Jay Cardiello Swopper  

Swopper Chair Featured on WCBS News

The Swopper was featured in a news segment on WCBS New York all about active sitting. Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello was on hand to showcase the health benefits of the Swopper. Watch Segment. 

Mom Start Swopper Review  

Swopper Review on Mom Start Blog

Blogger Mom Start shared her personal review of the Swopper chair. "Now I can sit in my chair and bound up and down, or I can sway back and fourth and I can work on my stomach muscles by balancing and doing mini crunches lifting my legs. I think what I need now is an entire workout program based on things you can do in this chair. I LOVE IT!" Read More. 

Mom Trends Swopper Review  

Swopper Chair Featured on Mom Trends Blog

Check out what popular blogger Mom Trends had to say about the Swopper. "I am loving the Swopper chair. It is fun, innovative, comfortable (no more aching upper thighs or lower back!) and we have noticed that The Swopper Chair helps us to be more productive in shorter amount of time." Read More. 

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Swopper Stool Featured on CBS Daytime Show “The Talk”

3.12.14 | Sparks, NV | Via Motion Seating® is proud to announce the Swopper stool, manufactured by aeris-Impulsmöbel GmbH & Co. KG, was featured on the March 6th CBS Daytime Show “THE TALK”. This episode topic was Office Makeover Essential Must-Haves. With a viewer audience of approximately 3.5 million per episode, this presentation has helped further spread awareness on our products that promote the “active office” and better “health & wellness” for the user. Six Swoppers were shown as unique and innovative seating alternatives and the hosts were actively engaged with the Swoppers. No other seating products were more


Swopper and Muvman chairs in the Wall Street Journal  

Wall Street Journal: The Best Active Office Chairs

A longtime dancer tests chairs designed to give the desk-bound a subtle workout, including the Buoy, ErgoErgo, Mogo, Muvman stool and Swopper chair.

FORGET TRADITIONAL task-chair luxuries like lumbar supports or even armrests. These days, health-conscious and fidgety computer users are opting for Spartan stools known as "active" or "dynamic" seats. Bucking conventional wisdom, these chairs' primary selling point is instability: They move when you sit on them—tilting, swaying, rocking—which forces you to engage your core abdominal muscles and continually shift your weight. Read More.

Muvman Sit to Stand Stool More Than A Chair: Muvman Sit-Stand Stool

You’ll want to sit down for this- and chances are, you already are. It’s also probable that you’re slouching, slumping, and slowly but surely ruining your health as you sit for too long, on a chair that isn’t designed for proper ergonomics. The human body was designed to take a lot of abuse, but it wasn’t designed to sit in the same place for hours at a time, unmoving. That’s exactly why you need to consider a bit less plush leather, and a bit more motion. Active seating sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s the essential concept behind the Muvman Sit-Stand Stool. Read More.

Why Sitting is Bad for Health  

Time: Why Prolonged Sitting Is Bad for Your Health

It’s time to get off your keister. Another study finds that sitting for too long increases your risk of death, even if you exercise regularly. Suddenly, those treadmill desks are sounding more appealing. The study found that adults who sat for 11 hours or more a day had a 40% increased risk of dying in the next three years than those who sat for less than four hours a day. Even after taking into account physical activity, weight and health status... Read More.

Muvman stool - Height adjustable chair  

Muvman Stool Launches in the US

The Muvman stool from German manufacturer is now available in the US at In the past year it has won numerous awards including:

  • Reddot design award 2011

  • Interior innovation award winner 2011

  • Universal design award 2012

  • Buildings magazine 2012 innovation award winner in seating

  • Best of NeoCon - Silver 2013 - Ergonomic seating

Proper posture while sitting on a Swopper  

Be Healthy and Feel Comfortable

Health is more than just the lack of illness. Being healthy also means feeling comfortable, feeling fit and being optimistic.

The modern term WELLNESS has established itself to describe this state of harmony of body, mind and soul.

Today, everything that encourages movement is positive for our health. Until now, sitting was only static with next to no activity. The active seats from aeris effectively bring movement into sitting and therefore more wellness, fitness and health into everyday life.

... Read More.