Sitting & Health

Sitting on a Swopper chair

Be healthy and feel comfortable

Health is more than just the lack of illness. Being healthy also means feeling comfortable, feeling fit and being optimistic.

The modern term WELLNESS has established itself to describe this state of harmony of body, mind and soul. Everything that helps us achieve this state of wellness at the same time enhances our health. In particular FITNESS in the broadest of senses has proven to be essential. Fitness involves movement and movement is the elementary requirement for health.

Today, everything that encourages movement is positive for our health. Until now, sitting was only static with next to no activity. The active seats from Swopper effectively bring movement into sitting and therefore more wellness, fitness and health into everyday life.



The circulation is designated as the paths along which the blood flows through our bodies. The blood transports nourishment, oxygen and degradation products of the metabolism. The blood circulation is maintained by the heart, the muscle fibers of the arterial walls and by breathing. Movement of the body's muscles plays an important role in transporting the blood in the veins, for example back to the heart from the legs. If, for example, you move your calf muscles, they become shorter and thicker. This makes them pump the blood in the veins back to the heart. Breathing is essential for the return of venous blood. Good breathing gymnastics is therefore one of the most important ways of supporting the blood circulation.

If you breathe deeply and move a lot, you are always doing something good for your circulation. If you stand or sit upright, you are giving your diaphragm (large breathing muscle between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity) enough room for deep breathing. If you sit on conventional chairs and hardly move, and there is no interaction of the muscles, the calf pump is practically disabled. In addition, the hunchback posture adopted restricts the diaphragm and your breathing. The result: the circulation is hampered, the supply of oxygen to the brain deteriorates, you yawn, you are tired and inevitably you lose your concentration.

If, however, you sit on the Swopper chair, Muvman stool or 3Dee chair, you sit up straight and move all sorts of muscle groups. This means that you breathe deeper, your circulation is in better form because it is not blocked, the brain is supplied better with oxygen, and you are happier, fitter and perform better.

Healthy sitting is quite simple!


American studies have shown that by loading the body slightly with 20 to 25 watts, the mental performance increases by about 15 percent. You achieve exactly this level of activity with the new sitting in motion on the Swopper, Muvman or 3Dee - the new active seats. They ensure that you keep in motion even with sedentary activities. You always automatically sit correctly and thus avoid bad posture and tension of your body's entire support system.

Over 70% of employees at monitor workstations complain of physical problems. Unfavorable working postures engage up to 40% of your personal performance. Better sitting conditions can release this potential performance and do a lot for your health and motivation. The Swopper motion seating chairs play a decisive role here. If you sit on the Swopper, Muvman or 3Dee, you keep happily in motion, do not get tensed up, do not become tired and have a lot more fun working. The best conditions for greater success and pleasure at work.


Presence at the place of work without performing to an optimum is classified in occupational health as presenteeism. This means being present at work despite illness because you are afraid of losing your job otherwise, for example. According to a survey made by the Scientific Institute of the Statutory Health Insurance Fund (WIdO) in Germany about one third of employees goes to work against explicit doctor's advice. Presenteeism often occurs also with complex complaints (including backache). The damage to the company is immense, but difficult to measure.

A study made by the American Cornell University shows that the productivity losses from presenteeism are possibly as high as 60 percent of the total cost of worker illness. (Source: Wikipedia)


Benefits of sitting on a Swopper chair

The latest findings make sitting correctly quite simple! The recipe: always something different!

This makes generations of chairs that have forced us into one correct position obsolete. The more often you change your posture, the more often you change your sitting position, the more you keep in motion while sitting, the better you feel from head to toe. The Swopper chair offers the most movement while sitting in the world. It permits you to make three-dimensional movements when sitting, whereas conventional seats permit at most two-dimensional movements. All the active seats from Swopper not only allow sitting in motion, but also support and encourage it, fulfilling all today's requirements made by doctors and therapists for healthy sitting.

Why sitting in motion is important.

The vertebral chain only works when the pelvis is in a state of unstable balance. Balancing of the pelvis enables balancing of the vestibular-kinaesthetic system. The following processes are involved in particular:

  • The movement of the spine changes regularly.
  • The intervertebral discs are constantly nourished.
  • The complex muscles of the back are stimulated and strengthened.
  • The more than 100 joints of the spine are kept moving.

Furthermore, active-dynamic sitting activates your sense of balance and movement functions. This puts you in a better position to be aware of your posture and control it.

In addition, sitting in motion keeps your body's neurophysiological functions "awake"; the nerve metabolism is stimulated, which makes you more alert and helps you concentrate better.